New Year’s Resolution: 2019

Obviously now that 2019’s here the obligatory “new year, new me” outlook has arrived. To get started, I’ve compiled a list of New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Self-care
    This year without the stress of university and having more time for myself alongside work. I have decided that what spare time I have will be used for self care. Regular pamper sessions, skincare and regular exercise. I have T25 by BeachbodySeeing as the past three years of university have not only enabled me to obtain a degree and NMC but also an extra two stone to my original weight.
  2. Read more books
    Book that preferably aren’t used for studying. This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay and The F Word by Lily Pebbles are on my list so far. I really can’t wait to dive right in, I’ve always loved a good book.
  3. Increase organisation
    I plan on purchasing myself The Happy Planner Company’s 2019 Registered Nurse Planner. To ensure no shifts are forgotten, weekly meal planning and making more time for time with friends and family.
  4. Attempt different recipes
    I’ve got in such a rut of cooking the same dinners for quickness. For Christmas both me and my partner received Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals  recipe book which I am eager to cook new dinners from.
  5. Save for a house Me and my parter will attempt to hardcore save for our own place this year. Although we probably won’t save enough to actually get a house this year we can at least get the ball rolling.

Only a small list of resolutions this year, in hopes to actually stick to them this year. What are your resolutions?



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Christmas as a Newly Qualified Nurse

So, my first Christmas as a newly qualified emergency department nurse consisted of working the whole of Christmas on nights. Christmas eve, Christmas day, Boxing day and the 27th. So what did I think Christmas was going to be like in the Emergency Department at night? Calm. Oh how I was wrong. Somehow, not only did my team have to work nights all over Christmas, most of the public decided to come a see us also.  S**t hit the fan a few times I must admit. I’m extremely lucky to be in such a supportive team, otherwise I am pretty sure I would of had a meltdown. Oh no, wait.. I did have a meltdown, but that’s okay they were supportive to my mini meltdown also.

The last couple of shifts definitely tested my strength as a newly qualified nurse. A lot of real life unwell patients that warranted being in the emergency department. At one point, a full resus, a full majors and patients queuing to get a cubicle in majors. With four patients, three with high NEWS scores. The big girl knickers had to be put on. I’m proud I survived.


It was not all dire, we had copious amounts of food. Food of which I somehow got roped into buying for the whole department over Christmas. Shopping? Food shopping? Food shopping on Christmas eve?  Hell yeah I was crazy. I like to live life on the edge. Also Secret Santa was a blast. Plenty of snap chat filtered pics.

Still managed to squeeze in a Christmas dinner on Christmas day. Night shift finished at 08:15, home by 08:45. I slept until 12:30, rolled out of bed to open presents with Dan’s family whilst in pajamas. Quickly showered and got ready for dinner. Played a few games and finally went back to sleep for 17:00 and slept until 19:00. I’d just like to say though… well done to me on actually figuring out how to do both Christmas and prepare for a night shift both on the same day.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas,




So it’s been a whole eleven shifts since finally receiving my blue scrubs and NMC pin and it has been a rollercoaster (but amazing).  During my transition from student to newly qualified, I wore green scrubs first until I got my NMC pin. The green scrubs symbolise nurse awaiting pin and is believed to help with the transition.

I was is green scrubs for approximately six weeks before receiving my NMC pin which was probably the most tedious time in the whole three years of training. I had one week crash course/induction and one week supernumerary on the department floor. I must say I did struggle a little with my transition, mostly due to wearing green scrubs on the Tuesday and then wearing blue scrubs on the Thursday and having new and proper responsibility. I felt and sometimes still continue to feel as if I cannot delegate. It wasn’t long ago I was being delegated to now I have new responsibilities and am expected to delegate? CRAZY.

With being newly qualified comes a lot more paperwork. You have competency booklet upon competency booklet upon competency booklet. It’s never ending. As a NQN I am unable to give drugs before I get signed off of my medicines management, this can be extremely frustrating. When the department is busy and you can’t get on with what your patient needs which is either pain relief, antibiotics or fluids (mostly – obviously other but these are the most common). Having to ask another nurse to administer for you although you are capable. Makes me feel like a fraud if I’m honest.

I mean since the transition, I have had such fantastic support from my team it really does make all the difference. Feeling comfortable enough to ask questions and to clarify things. I must say the past couple of shifts have been incredibly busy, and enabled me to see the reality of A&E on a day to day basis. Bed shortages and movement is low and has an incredible impact on the frontline. Having to explain to patients why they have been in the department for (sometimes) fourteen hours – yes you read that correctly. There simply isn’t enough beds and its not even classed as winter yet? We do our best. That’s all we can do.

What I have also found challenging is dealing with not only patients but relatives when their loved ones have been in the department for hours waiting for a bed. It’s hard it really is, you just want your loved one to be comfortable but unfortunately for us we have to deal with the anger and the frustration. It really can be tough.

Apologies for the slightly disjointed post, I just have so much  in my brain I just want to blurt it all out and it been a hot minute since I actually wrote a blog post. Look out for more (organised) posts coming your way. Feel free to contact me with anything you want to know and I’ll try my best to answer them for you.


Chloe X.


Hello guys!

I’m Chloe, a newly qualified A&E nurse and here is my blog. I aim to inform, support and share experiences with student nurses (STN), fellow newly qualified nurses (NQN) and others either in healthcare or looking to join healthcare/nursing.

I previously had another blog (Chloe’s Life) which aimed more towards student nurse life but I now felt like I wanted a change and fresh start with my new job role. Please take a look at my previous blog for tips and tricks for student nurses.


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